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B&B in Venice near La Fenice Theatre

Originally built in 1792, burned and rebuilt twice more, in 1836 and in 2003 when a big fire devastated the theatre and shocked the whole world. The legend of the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice comes from this too. It looks like its name, inspired to the Phoenix, mythological bird that cyclically regenerates from its ashes, is destined to mark the theatre existence!
La Fenice is one of the most famous theatres in the world and still nowadays everyone can enjoy themost important seasons of Opera, Lirica, Symphony, Theater; sometimes the theatre opens its arms to rock, jazz, and folk artists too.
La Fenice also promotes and organizes important outdoor events and evenings in the most stunning locations around Venice, some of them really make history like the Verdi’s Opera Otello entirely played inside the Doge’s Palace in the summer of 2013.
La Fenice Theatre also represents one of the biggest and most respected cultural institutions in Venice and there’s an intense collaboration in recent years with another historic Venetian Theatre, the MalibranTheatre, where in the years of the reconstruction La Fenice Orchestra moved.

If you wish to stay in Venice near La Fenice Theatre, Bloom B&B is your ideal solution, you can easily reach the theatre with a few minutes walk. Contact us directly then and let us know you would like to spend a fantastic evening at La Fenice. We will guarantee our special treatment for direct reservations and inform you on everything about La Fenice and its calendar.